Ms. Nevada Plus & Ms. global plus pageant

Additional Information


I would like to take just a moment of your time to share with you this incredible opportunity to participate in the Las Vegas debut of a Plus Size Beauty Pageant to be held in Nevada for a statewide and global recognition of the Plus Size Pageant movement! These type of pageants have been happening nationwide since 1998. The Las Vegas Pageant will be launched at the Producers Choice Honors red carpet press event on November 13th, 2019 at the Sunset Station Resort and Casino. The 1st annual Miss Nevada Plus will take place in 2020. It will be produced by Al Bowman, an established 30 year veteran in media relations and live event production.

The Miss Nevada Plus is a structured organization that is dedicated to empowering plus size women through pageantry. This life changing event is inspirational to the women participating in it, and to those women who might want to be a part of such a powerful experience in the future. It’s more than just walking on a stage in a beautiful gown, sash and crown. These pageants give each person involved, from the contestants to those that love and support them, an opportunity to participate in serving others in a unique and rewarding way within their chosen platform.

Being a part of this, I am amazed at how the women in the plus size pageant community in all walks of life, from the household mother to the hard-working professionals ALL get along so beautifully. These women have the courage and self-esteem to embrace who they are with the utmost elegance and pride. They can be the Queen for their country, state, county, city, neighborhood and their family and most of all themselves. The lives that have touched me through this experience are nothing less than a overwhelming positive force that provide a memorable experience for everyone involved.

There are lots of benefits to being a part of this launch event in November.

  • You will be on stage for TWO big red carpet events. By entering the Launch Event in November and AUTOMATICALLY be entered into the Miss Nevada Plus contest event in the Spring of 2020.
  • As a Launch Event contestant, you will receive a satin sash with your title, a beautiful tiara, 4 VIP Dinner seats, a listing of your name in our printed event day program, red carpet entrance on the step and repeat in front of international media members, and a beautiful engraved plaque representing your participation, presented to you on the special event stage.
  • You will also be placed with your chosen publicity photo and short written biography on the web site Pageant Page. After your official entry is received via this email offer, your name will be placed in all pre-event press releases and you will be assisted with other event related opportunities. These include auditions for movie of TV roles, producer services in a recording studio if music is a passion of yours, professional publicity photo opportunities and many others. We will also have present at our event, the producers of the Miss Plus America Pageant who will be honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards for their exemplary work in consistently producing their events for nearly two decades.

The entry fee for this once in a lifetime opportunity is only $1,500. It includes all the amazing benefits and tangible items listed above. To make your payment and join the 2019 Launch Event in November, and the Miss Nevada Plus contest in the Spring of 2020 and the opportunity to be in the Ms Global Plus, please follow the instructions below.

The producers of these events are breaking new ground with this concept in Las Vegas and we are inviting YOU to take part in this groundbreaking beauty pageant. By the November 13th event date this year we will have selected just 30 contestants to be on that stage and take her first step to receiving the crown of Miss Nevada Plus. Please fill out this form with your interest in being part of the event and we will contact you back on the next steps you will need to take to be a part of this new and very progressive Plus Pageant System

Al Bowman
Executive Producer

Rules and Guidelines

Important Pageant Information

Our pageants are held in resort hotel ballrooms or theater style auditoriums. We provide music, stage lighting, pageant theme decorated stages, and a dressing area. We pride ourselves in providing a first class stage production for our contestants.

The pageant reserves the right to combine divisions in the event that entries within that division could result in a default title.

Please read the guidelines and suggestions for your competition below. Specific information for titles and themes for each individual pageant will be posted on each applicable pageant page.

Judges can choose to discuss your score with you and offer both congratulations and constructive suggestions that may assist you with preparing for future pageants.

Formal Wear

Bring your best bling and glam and take center stage. Sparkle and shine. Wear the dress that flatters you. Party dresses, long or short pageant style dresses, prom dresses and evening gowns with embellishments are all acceptable. However please note that your own facial beauty, and a well put together look, stage presence and personality are far more important than how much you spend on your dress. We want our contestants to be able to afford their active participation in our pageants.

Age appropriate make up is allowed in all ages, so tasteful and age appropriate makeup to enhance your beauty on stage is welcome. We invite a select group of hair and make artists and stylists to assist you with putting your best look together. Hair should be nice and dressy for a well groomed put together look. Although flip flops are allowed, if you have missing teeth or braces, you will NOT be marked down for it.

Outfit of Choice and Optional Theme Wear

All theme wear and Outfit of Choice wear should be fun to wear, something the contestant enjoys and has fun wearing. Stay age appropriate. Denim is fine and all embellishment and accessories are fine. Special music is allowed. All music should be in “clean version” format with no objectionable lyrics. Routines that include suggestive movements and gestures such as “twerking” are not recommended. Contact us if you have any questions.

Photo Entry

Your entry includes just one personal or professional photo. Additional photos may be entered (see entry form below). Judging will be on facial beauty, photogenic talent, overall appeal of the submitted photos. One photo where applicable is included in your entry. We alos offer the opportunity to enter additional photos, portfolios and composites at a nominal additional fee, and very attractive special rates for unlimited photo submissions.

Additional Rules

Although we offer fabulous awards and prizes, and it is a thrill to have your name called as the first place recipient, we encourage our contestants and their families to not place an over emphasis on the possible first place victory. We just want you to enjoy the this wonderful pageant experience. Our pageants have a very strong focus on community spirit, good sportsmanship and a positive attitude. If you do not share the principles of the pageant, if you cannot show good sportsmanship, if you have any prior or current issues with other contestants that you cannot resolve, please do not enter or attend as a guest. Unkind behavior toward anyone at the event will result in being asked to leave without , and will not be invited to future events.

Contestants may not speak to the judges before or during the competition, except during up close appraisal/introduction when applicable. Contestants and/or parents and/or guests may not speak to the judges before or during the competition, however, may speak to the judges after crowning; and such conversations must be conduction in a positive and constructive manner. Judges scoring is their own opinion based on the criteria set forth on this website. They read the same guidelines and criteria as you do. The judges decisions are fair and final. Tabulation is computerized and entered in a data base on an excel spread sheet. Contestants may have access to viewing the master spread sheet, and will receive your original score sheets immediately after crowning. Judges will remain after crowing to answer any questions you have or to critique your performance. Judges, tabulators and staff members may not be challenged regarding the outcome, results or operation of the event. All judges decisions are final. Contestants should not contact judges after the pageant, crowning and event has completely ended. Please keep in mind that our judges will be scoring a number of events for may contestants in any given pageant. Since judges will be scoring a contestants specifically while on stage at each event, it is unreasonable to expect judges to recall any specific performance after the contestants and judges have returned home. Contacting the judges after the fact may be considered as challenging the judges. Our judges are hired to do their job at the event and are advised once the event has ended, they should not discuss a contestant’s performance (except in the ballroom immediately after crowning).

For the safety and comfort of all of our contestants, their families and guests, behavior that is not in the spirit of an elegant pageant competition and good conduct is strictly prohibited. This includes inappropriate suggestive behavior, theft, malicious gossip, offensive language, hostile behavior toward any member of the Royal Majesty organization or any pageant contestant, their families, or any event attendee. We reserve the right to disqualify any contestant or call for the relinquishment of a title, or request that anyone not in compliance with the rules and policies of the pageant vacate the premises without warning if it is believed to be for the safety of contestants and in the best interest of the pageant organization. The pageant also retains the right to deny entry to any of our rented space to any vendor including table vendors, hair and makeup artists, photographers or any attendee, who is considered hostile to any other contestant, staff member or attendee.

The show director is willing to communicate via email, social network messaging, text or phone for the purpose of answering your questions regarding your preparation for the event. We also advise that you read over all information on the website, so that you may be best prepared with all of your inquiries. We do not disclose who the judges are, who is attending the pageant, how many are competing in each age division. We will not discuss any other contestants as well. And most importantly, we will not engage in any gossip or unkind remarks against any other contestant. If name calling, gossip or any negative behavior transpires in a message or call, the communication will be promptly ended.

Event attendees who become intoxicated at any time on the premises where our events are held will be disqualified and asked to leave our events.

Contestant music and or clothing is to be free of curse words or objectionable lyrics.

Door badges are required to be worn by all guests.

Food must be consumed in the designated areas of each location. Left over trash, empty cups, and utensils must be placed in the proper receptacles. Items of any kind may not be handed to contestants during the pageant competition. This includes gifts, toys, food, candy, or any other item that may either be of a distraction to a contestant or cause soil to the contestant or their clothing. Contestants giving gifts to other contestants may do so only after the competition has ended. Candy or other edible gifts may only be offered with the child’s parent or guardian’s permission. Non compliance is considered to be disrespectful to both the pageant and the host hotel and may be subject to disqualification.

Our pageants are considered private events. The pageant has the explicit right to deny entry to our rented space at any time without notice if the pageant deems an entrant is not in the best interest of the organization, it’s staff and it’s attendees. The pageant may not be held responsible for any loss, theft, or injury.

It is the sole responsibility for all participants in our events to read and familiarize themselves with the rules and guidelines set forth, Your entry and your attendance confirms that you have read and agree with all policies set forth.


Final competition results are announced on stage and all prizes and awards are awarded on stage at crowning. Tangible prizes for pageants and/or photos contests may vary in color and brand name unless specifically indicated on the official website and/or advertisement banners. The pageant reserves the right to combine age divisions and title breakdowns if minimum contestant requirements are not met. However, this is only as indicated on the paperwork and website. Any changes of rules, requirements, divisions of ages and requirements will not be changed once the pageant has received any registration or entry fees. Mandatory registration fees are not to be considered deposits, and may not be deducted from the balance of any other required fees. Registration/entry fees are non refundable due to a cancellation by the contestant for any reason. Registration fees may be applied to the fees balance. Although it is not the pageant policy or philosophy to cancel an event, if due to an emergency circumstance beyond the pageant’s control, if the pageant had to cancel the event the pageant would offer two options. 1. A refund of registration or fees paid, or 2. The option to apply the registration fee paid plus an additional 50 percent credit to any future pageant participation. It is the responsibility of the contestant or a parent or guardian (in the case of a minor child contestant), to become familiar will all of the rules and policies set forth. Your entry submission is an agreement to abide by the rules and policies herein. The pageant welcomes questions and concerns prior to entering the pageant.


Vendors are welcome, however, you must make prior arrangements with the Pageant Director in advance of the pageant to be added to the vendor list on the website to attend. We are happy to accommodate you on a first come first served basis as space is always very limited. Vendors are also welcome to email a banner to be placed on the website to let contestants know that you are available for services specific to our pageant contestants.

Contestants and their families will not hold the Miss Nevada Plus and Miss Global Plus pageants liable for injury, loss or damage of personal property. Your entry form signature, or online entry submission indicates that you have read and accept the information and requirements provided.

Welcome to our Royal Family and Good Luck on your Title Quest!

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Why get Involved?

If there's anything we could all agree on, it's that beauty deserves to be celebrated. And perhaps, holding pageants is one of the best ways we could think of doing exactly that.  Most of these other beauty pageants have strict " qualifications". You have to be this tall and that slim to be able to join. Even in the plus pageant circuits, you have restrictions and screenings to keep the women participants marginalized by having to convert to certain religious beliefs or cover-up tattoos using Dermablend Makeup.
The Cruel reality is that a curvy woman joining a beauty pageant today is often treated as the next day's laughable news, which says a lot about the public's idea of what's visually desirable.  Somehow, in our attempt to " celebrate" beauty, we've created a standard that demeans a certain demographic.
Combating these twisted standards, different groups that promote body diversity started organizing beauty contests where women of any shape and size can join. Embracing a lady for who she is, these plus - size pageants give points based on the woman's intelligence, creativity, and talent.
We are bringing a more " progressive plus" beauty pageant to Las Vegas that will redefine how beauty should be legitimately celebrated. 

Be a part of making this historical event and amazing experience for all.

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